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So I'm doing my thinking out loud over here for the nonce.

I looked up the individual functions of Remeron: serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and likely H1 (anyone know how to do subtext in HTML?) (aside from the slash writers?). My guess is that the N and D eventually overwhelmed the S and H1, producing effects seen very commonly in NRIs and DRIs. This would not be a bad thing for other people. However, the last thing I need is the stimulant effect of a DRI, and I do mean last; that list includes a lot of drugs my MD and I rejected out of hand precisely because they were stimulants. I think what we're trying to treat, among other things, is terrible-quality sleep, and tomorrow I get to find out just how terrible it is. Unfortunately, the first-line drugs for someone who gets such shitty sleep she falls down, well, sleeping midday are all stimulants. That doesn't work for someone with comorbid panic disorder and GAD.

I am well aware, by the way, that I sound like someone who will inevitably wind up doing a pharmacy degree once I have my M.S. and a proper job. I'm game.

So. No DRIs. The NRIs are not much better. Strattera? Look, a bit of Pepsi accomplishes the desired effect there, and wears off without sending me through ridiculous withdrawal. As for the NDRIs, I really do not need to be on Ritalin or Focalin. Remeron: the drug that does a little bit of everything, apparently.

This proves to me, anyhow, that I need to stick with a straight SSRI--and the histamine-blocker component. Way back when I was first on the med-go-round, one doctor prescribed Atarax to see whether I could use it to withdraw from the benzos. Now I'm wondering if Atarax or similar would work for my current predicament. I need something that'll help me eat, and I suspect (but can't prove--not enough test subjects handy) that the part of the Remeron that did that was the histamine blocker. My appetite slowed down as the anxiety ramped up. Duh. One of the ways my body says "I'm nervous!" is nausea. Hard to eat when you feel pukey.

So I want to think about something that works on nausea and/or stimulates appetite. I have a lot of reading to do.

Date: 2011-07-28 12:22 pm (UTC)
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SUB tag. Example:


(doesn't look right in my preview here, though. Maybe affected by certain styles?)

Can't recommend any drugs, as I've addressed my own neurochemical imbalances by not eating things that cause inflammation, inhibit satiety, disrupt gut flora or dysregulate blood sugar. Emily Deans at Evolutionary Psychiatry is my go-to gal. Not everyone can wean themselves off of all medications, but I'm sure your condition would improve enough that you could at least cut down. For someone like yourself facing more severe mental or physical problems, I'd start with a stricter initial approach like Whole 30 (thirty day elimination), or the more narrowly focused GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) protocol.

Date: 2011-07-29 04:47 am (UTC)
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Hmm, thinking. Atarax/Vistaril (not quite the same but very similar) might help. Another one to consider if I'm remembering what I generally know about its mechanisms correctly is (a very low dosage of) Seroquel - I know histamine receptors are one of the things it hits, and I've heard a lot of people find it useful for anxiety.

Strattera is probably exactly what you don't want for some of the reasons I do want it - it has nicely stomped on my binge-eating issues in addition to helping the stuff it's supposed to help with. But I really really need to start taking it at breakfast and dinner, because it's not the best thing ever at bedtime. *heh*


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