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Bits and bobs, December 16:

he was right? neat

My love, my darling, my Sky told me to look up adrenaline reactions and panic attacks.* Lo and behold, the Daily Fail has some good information. Most of the time, it's a gossip rag, but I guess it's got its gems here and there.

* Because I get them, and no,
these steps won't work**. Steps 1 and 2 are sensible, I'm sure, but with me, it's more the physical fact of having a panic attack that sets off... a panic attack. Yep. Mine manifest with nausea, and I'm an emetophobe. Dear universe: HA BLOODY HA. So, no, just changing my negative thinking won't help matters. I've got to deal with the physical reaction or I will cycle into more attacks. I promise you I am not pleasant to be around when that happens.

** By contrast, they work very well when I wake up from a nightmare, when I do need to remind myself that I'm here-now, not there-then. Everything has its own application, huh?

hey, cool

QUILTBAG! Queer, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gay. I like this one. Props to eumelia @ LJ for cluing me in.

I am a little in love with John Lewis and his "Vote Yes" speech.

Do want: Mini cupcake maker! Damn, my list of Housewares To Acquire is getting longer by the day...

putting the "ass" in assange

Dear Michael Moore: Stop it. Stop it NOW. The victim-blaming is uncool.

In related news, Naomi Wolf on Sweden's track record when it comes to non-celebrity rape cases. Hint: it's under "ouch" for a reason.
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